Sunrise Through The Door by TheNarratographer

This morning, Matt and I decided to head to Durdle Door to try and capture the sun coming through the arch; as it does around the middle of December each year. The sunrise looked promising as we trudged our way down the plethora of steps and across the beach; the stormy waves crashing into the beach and colliding with each other. By the time we had set up, the light was beginning to form and the sky was turning a beautiful orange. It wasnt until at least 8.30am that the sun aligned perfectly with the arch and as it formed a star beneath that rocky hole, we began to take our shots. So concentrated we were, that we didn’t notice the huge wave sweeping into from the sea towards us. It crashed into us with such force that it knocked a fellow photographers tripod and A7RII into the sea. It came in so deep that it was up to our knees, soaking our feet and trousers. Thankfully, I was brave enough to stay in position and managed to fire off this image :).

via 500px

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