One by PhilShultz

A while back I had deleted all the images from my 500px page and have since then added 5 new images using a different approach to my workflow. However, there were several images in that group I had deleted that I wanted to take a second look at, make minor adjustments (if any), and repost them as they have been some of my favorites in the past.

This image was captured a few years ago (processed in 2014) in Monument Valley on a day that was very overcast. In the late afternoon I peaked out the hotel window and saw a small opening in the clouds…”please break for a decent sunset” I said to myself. I hopped in the car with my gear and drove the loop around the park. About three quarters in the sun was starting to peak between each band of breaking clouds as it set. I pulled over and immediately saw the tree silhouetting in front of the sun and knew this was my shot.

I’m glad to re-share this scene and will be keeping it this time. I will be sharing the rest of my selected favorites that were accidently deleted very soon.

via 500px

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