Glory of the Night by MortezaSafataj

One of the best places on earth to observe milky way over unique natural springs is Badab sourt in Mazandaran Province, Iran.

Badab Sourt springs have been created over thousands of years as flowing water from two different mineral hot springs cooled and deposited carbonate minerals on the mountainside which have created orange, yellow and red colored shaped pool like staircase.

The first spring is salty which is considered to have medicinal properties, especially as a cure for rheumatism and some types of skin diseases. The second spring has a sour taste and is mainly orange due to the large iron oxide sediments at its outlet.

As you may see in the picture Badab Sourt springs are in danger of gradual erosion and eventual demise. However it has been changed a lot sine 10 years ago but national environmental groups are restoring the natural atmosphere of the site.

Badab Sourt was registered as Iran’s second natural site in 2008 and it’s one of the biggest salty natural springs in the world.

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