Tulip Stairs …. by godwithme

Recently, I have reviewed my B&W shots for the Facebook B&W Challenge , many friends seem love this Stairs very much … Before I go to the trip , I upload this shot because I really want to know…. my old shot taken by i phone 4 when I didn’t have DSLR… How many friends will love it ? in the condition of… I seldom chance to vote now & few friends upload …… 🙂
I remember that day , the light is great , I just few seconds to take as some people will pass this main entrance of the museum , I have taken 2 or 3 shots at last . I didn’t have plan to take this shot as I didn’t know this famous Stairs located there 🙂 I know the detail can’t compare the professional camera… but the light is Right … I think .
I have adjusted the light a bit of this shot & changed the direction of the Stairs . Enjoy !

via 500px http://ift.tt/1IujqXB

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