Northbound by johnmumaw

Decided to leave my Colorado Plateau comfort zone a couple of weeks ago for another desert experience. I’d always wanted to visit the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley to witness one of nature’s strangest phenomena. A storm passing through the region convinced me to head out there, and I wasn’t disappointed. Had the playa to myself that afternoon and morning, and the crepuscular rays from that evening were a special blessing. Yeah, an empty desert with a touch of magic…..not too far out of my comfort zone after all!
Many thanks to Willie Huang for lighting a fire under my ass, and David Thompson for some generous tips. Special thanks to Sarah Marino & Ron Coscorrosa for their superb ebook titled ‘DESERT PARADISE:
The Landscape Photographer’s Guide To Death Valley National Park’
. Highly recommended!

via 500px

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