Elements in Lofoten.. by holofoten

Earth, air, water and fire..by many ancient philosophies said what everything is based upon. When witnessing this sunrise..I felt really close to what everything is based upon..

This location is from an island in Lofoten (Norway) named Værøy. Many would say this is an isolated and remote place, since official infrastructure to this island is very limited every day, and on Saturdays..absolutely nothing. No ferry, no helicopter (and no planes..there was an airport for some years, but it closed, because weather conditions made it to dangerous to use). Still around 700 people live here.

Isolated and remote maybe..but so beautiful.. Imagine a warm summer day..sunbathing on that beach below me..400 very steep meters below me;)! Image is taken just a few days before polar night, sun was above the horizon for just a few hours.
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