London Bridge Holiday by kspics

The real bridge behind the song “London Bridge is falling down”…

Recently I was able to see this beautiful bridge during a work assignment in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. With some hot coffee in my hand, I walked around the resort to admire this beautiful bridge as the sun went down for the day! There were glittering Christmas lights beginning to light up around the lake with sounds of Christmas Carols filling the air with holiday mood and even sailboats covered with white holiday lights. What a beautiful site in such a unique Arizona location to experience!! It is such a fascinating story of how this bridge was relocated in Arizona…

The 1831 London Bridge was not sound enough in it’s original location to support the increased load of modern traffic and was sold by the City of London to Robert P. McCulloch. He was the founder of Lake Havasu City in Arizona, US. He purchased the bridge, moved every piece of it and had it reconstructed in it’s Lake Havasu location and built a beautiful resort around it where it attracts many tourists to enjoy it’s unique beauty.

via 500px

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