____7:35 am…____ by take4ish

A happy new year! And thanks a lot to whom liked my photos and left kind comments for the last days!

Yes, this is a shot taken 2 minutes before the other capture “7:37 am…” recently posted and a re-edit of the photo with the same name from early 2015. Personally I thought this was my best shot of 2015 and was planning to post it at the end of 2015. But in light of a lot of incoming “like” traffic thanks to the features by 500px editors, I decided to wait a bit. It can also be a good start for 2016.

Thanks again and cheers!


Please also visit take4ish.tumblr.com
Started as from 1.1.2016. More casual captures will be also posted there. take4ish.tumblr.com

via 500px http://ift.tt/1mwhjrN

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