Little Lighthouse by edwardreese

This is a long exposure image of the little lighthouse near the Tappan Zee Bridge outside of Tarrytown, New York. Forecast was for rain and fog but the clouds broke up a few times allowing for the long exposure streaks.

Used a 10-stop ND filter to reach the longer exposures. De-saturated much of the image to make for a more moody feel. Also, the reflection was enhanced in post.

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A Oceanside Surprise. by JeffDeveau

My father and I grabbed Penny (The Dog) and headed down to Oceanside Beach. The Tide was so strange as it was a low tide and a new moon. It was like being at a lakeside with the occasional boat wake. The water was so still and clear. you could see the sea-life and rocks clearly beneath the surface. Penny (my dog) had a great time romping around in the water and playing in the sand with a stick she found. I setup my Camera, Filters, and Remote and took penny down to the water and ran a set of 7 minute exposures. I didn’t expect much out of this sunset as the clouds were seemingly pretty thick. But it didn’t disappoint and I was able to capture a surprising light show.

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Fluid Dynamics by edwardreese

A panorama image from the tail end of a four-day, Halloween weekend of searching for the last of the fall foliage. This is a four-image stitch of an early morning scene at the Great Falls National park.

The morning fog lifted quickly and the skies became clear before we knew it. So ended up being just a quick stop on the way home. Will have to go back and spend more time exploring this amazing area.

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Afternoon Rain by edwardreese

This is an image from a four-day, Halloween weekend down around the Blue Ridge Parkway and the surrounding areas. A last minute effort to try and catch the last of the Fall colors after missing out up in NJ.

Stopped at the Babcock State Park to shoot the famous Grist Mill, but as you can see, we missed the autumn colors there as well. The rain helped set up a moody shot though, and it was still a really amazing scene.

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Autumn Gorge by edwardreese

Went roaming around the Blue Ridge Parkway and the surrounding areas for a couple of days, looking for the last of the Fall colors. We crossed over this fantastic looking bridge purely by coincidence. Never even heard of it before.

Searched for some side roads and we eventually got down to the water line. Not much daylight left, but was able to get some decent shots in before the sun went down.

This is a three-shot panorama using a 10-stop ND filter.

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Autumn Falls by edwardreese

This was the last of the Autumn colors near my area. The weather seemed to change so fast, that I never really had a chance to get a feel for the arrival of peak color. Pretty sure I missed most of it this year.

The image is a long exposure, 3-shot panoramic image of the Bushkill Falls in the Delaware Water Gap. Used a 10-stop ND Filter to get around 60 sec exposures.

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Sunrise at Scituate by edwardreese

Yet another image from our road trip up to Massachusetts last weekend 🙂

This is a sunrise panorama of the Scituate Lighthouse located in Scituate, MA. The cloud cover was starting to break up after some really thick overlay during blue hour.

This is a four-image panorama using a 10-stop ND filter to help get the long exposure.

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