12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Australia by drjhnsn

The 12 Apostles, okay, not really 12, there never were actually 12, but it sounded better. I think there were only 9 and one collapsed in 2005 so there are only 8 now.

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sunshine sprinkler ! by vinayakadkoli

i wasn’t too optimistic of getting the image i was hoping for, given that the weather forecast for the day predicted an overcast sky with traces of rain. Nevertheless, this was the only day i had in my kitty and after driving down to Campbell National park, i was disappointed that i couldn’t climb down Gibson steps beach, something that i really wanted to compose, as the beach was closed for public owing to rough seas.
As we went down the 12 Apostles observatory deck, literally there was a silver lining on the clouds as a beam of sunshine made it’s way just when i got my camera out. I had recompose my shot to get this into the scheme of things and after a few trials got the long exposure on the sea and the rocks perfectly blend into the frame.
Overall, a satisfactory output 🙂

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