Baldur’s Wrath by stianklo

Join Arild Heitmann and yours truly as we roam around the famous Lofoten archipelago in Norway. For photography tours and workshops please visit

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winter ceremony by dgadventurespnw

it was snowing this day at the white pocket. 30 minutes before sunrise, the sky was a solid shade of dark grey – and the wind was brutal and relentless.

My 2 buddies and I had this place all to ourselves for most of the 2 days we were here.

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Calla Lily by yanl

This picture was taken more than two years, not long before I started landscape photography. Even my photography skills were not good at that time, this is one of my favs.

Since then, it has been posted on social medias many times without giving any credits to me.

Some people mailed me saying that it took them long time to find me because they would like to purchase the print.

I decided to repost this here, hopefully people can find me.

For prints: please flickr mail or email me:

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Jack The Rabbit by stianklo

Reynisfjara, Iceland. Is it just me, or does the seastack to the right look like the famous rabbit dildo …yikes

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Chilled Crocodile by stianklo

Arild Heitmann, aka the Arctic Ron Jeremy lookalike, and I were very lucky to witness an amazing sunset at the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in Iceland in June 2015. While the area is beautiful and the light was good, it’s hard to find balance amidst the chaos – there are thousands of small (and big) chunks of ice floating around. I found this particular one very intriguing, as it looks like a crocodile ..head to the right, and some weird wart on his tail! Before you ask, no I haven’t been smoking – curious to hear what you see ? =))

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Divergence by Christina_Angquico

Sparks Lake, Deschutes County. Walter, my two pampered pooches and I got to spend the night out at Sparks Lake last week. I got blue bird skies so I just waited for the stars to come out. This is a two exposure blend.

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Ullr’s Playground by stianklo

My business partner Arild Heitmann and I had a lot of fun while scouting Svalbard (Spitsbergen) for our upcoming photography tours and workshops on the island – located a whopping 78 degrees north. Who wants to join us ? Your nutsack will most likely be frozen solid …but hey, beats a vasectomy any day tho !

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78 Degrees North by stianklo

I flew to 78 degrees north to Svalbard with my business partners Arild and Tommy to scout and research the Arctic island of Svalbard (Spitsbergen) in March 2015. The first day we were treated with this blazing sunset close to our basecamp.

The mountain in the background is called Operafjellet “The Opera Mountain”. In August 1996 a Russian Vnukovo Airlines plane crashed into it, killing 141 people in the process. We scouted the island(s) for five days, and can’t wait to return for our photography tours in April 2016.

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