Incredible Tuscany by tchebotarev

I was so lucky to visit Tuscany, Italy for the first time in my life last week. It’s a small province, full of incredible landscapes. It can be so ever-changing, from dull rain-covered to glowing with incredible colours, and I was lucky to experience it in a few of these states. This is the place where a lot of Renaissance-era art was created, and it’s quite easy to see why!

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Floating Dock In Heaven by andresen1

I standing on a bridge between Naustholmen and Grøtøy/Grotoy Island in Steigen municipality of Norway, 1th July 2015.

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Going home by PavlosPavlou

Hey guys. I really hope that you like my latest art work.
Its a complete 3D render scene including sky, water, reflections.

It rendered for 5 hours or so and i only have a small resolution. 1920×1080

I wanted to give it a special feeling and mood through this photo.

Thank you for your visit and if you like my work do leave a comment.

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I needed a man with a boat to complete my project. A perfect shot that i found was from
Unfortunately, i don’t have the name of the photographer to give the credits.

Special thanks to e-on software VUE 2015 PLE for having a full program for those who want to learn!

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OLYMPIC IN FLAMES by Light_pilgrim

PLEASE view on black.

This is the re-edited version of the image that I have posted earlier. As with any form of art, your perception of it is changing and you grow in understanding of some small details that make a difference.

Artistically, I wanted to focus on 3-dimentionality of the image and I wanted to use all tools available: composition, colours, light and shadows, etc.

The final outcome is highlighting a flaming sunset and a very interesting form of clouds that are bending over the sea stack.

Photography is my hobby, I do not do it commercially, but it doesn’t mean I do not do it with all my heart:-)


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