The Beginning Burning of Mengening Beach by BertoniSiswanto

The Beginning Burning of Mengening Beach

Yes in this time is the beginning for raining season in Bali , Indonesia . So will be perfect colour sunset sky after raining , red , blue , pink , purple , green , white , it`s like life is beautiful with the colour . Also is beginning for me get more strong and peaceful then before , calm and flow like a water .
Lovely shooting even mosquito already bite my feet , but i`m trying to be calm . Perfect time because for the first week raining season , the true colour of sunset sky come up . I take this shot about 7 pm Bali time and helping by a low light from my mobile 🙂

Hope you like it guys and enjoyed your evening in everywhere …
God Bless You All
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Red Bromo Mountain by BertoniSiswanto

Wonderful morning in here , get very luck this morning about 3 months a go . I was driving from Bali to bring my friend a pilot but a photographer too from france but live in Japan , members of 500px too . Driving from afternoon till Bromo middle of night , shooting star , sunrise and straight go back to Bali 🙂 . During in sunrise i got very lucky shot and lucky to see Red Bromo Mountain and the smoke from Volcano , lovely moment & capture i got it .
Hope always God Bless Me and God Bless You all too …
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have a nice evening & Enjoyed my photography …

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I Promise Will be Together Till The End by BertoniSiswanto

When i`m arrive here , my mind and my heart completely makes a war but i`m trying to calm . Then i`m meet another friend landscaper too , good tide , perfect clouds & wind , great spot even its was danger and hard but i`m enjoyed all the time in here for sunrise .
I was suprising to see clouds come to this side with the perfect wind that meaning at the sky wind is good enough to make long exposure and at the sea was calm so then i can completly got perfect reflections , Thanks God ( ALLAH SWT ) always Blessing me .

Enjoyed my photography and God Bless You All , if anyone wanna have tour photography around Bali , Java or somewhere in another part of Indonesia can contact me here my mail : or … Thank you

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Perfections of Reflections II by BertoniSiswanto

It is a continue with different angle and the exposure , i really enjoyed this moment . I was a lone and i know this spot so danger and hard but for me its ok , because i believe The God will bless me . No wind , awesome sky , great colour of golden hours timing in the morning , that what i call so Lucky shot …

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for bester view on black press H

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Still Alone II by BertoniSiswanto

How was your weekend guys ? Hope you guys here have a nice weekend all , so then hmmm .. I have a story feeling about this frame 🙂 . I`just can say Amazing before i write down 😉 .
This time was a same day when i upload before but that was 10 minutes before i make this frame with different angle , so unbelievable when i see it … I can see more clear the seaweed also the reflection + tone i make it was lovely , i used Lee Filter Hard and Little stopper from Lee too . Composition between boat , light , reflection and also clouds make more amazing for me because i can see all …
Thanks GOD always give me a beautiful moment …
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Thanks all , enjoyed the weekends and God Bless You All

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