Amsterdam. by remoscarfo

The last days of 2015 in Amsterdam.
It’s 2016! 😉
May the gift of love, happiness, peace, and warmth be yours as you make a new start. Happy New Year!

– Ne jamais oublier d`aimer exagérément : c`est la seule bonne mesure –

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Morning Delicious After Raining by BertoniSiswanto

How wonderful morning after raining 3 days here in Bali , suddenly start from 4.30 am not so high rain and 5.30 its really stop like i wish and pray before . In here so hard spot and i come with a middle tide but all my short pant is wet , i`m still go more inside to get perfect view . then Wow incredible sky after raining , so delicious like am ice cream . Colour of sky and light from sun is so contrast then after more awesome when mix with the 4 Legend Ship , amazing …
Thanks GOD for give me always beautiful sky morning ..
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Enjoyed and God Bless You All

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Beautiful of Nusa Penida Island by BertoniSiswanto

Yes Nusa Penida island is one of the famous spot and beautiful island from Bali , still lots natural place to visit . Hard spot for this one but when you guys visit here and make it till downs to the beach , then will be feeling wonderful . white sand beach and can see coral when getting low tide , i`m always feel wonderful and every time come here .
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Have a nice evening and God Bless You All

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Alone Under The Darkness Cloud by BertoniSiswanto

I was so lucky to see the legend boat standing parking alone under the dark clouds , and get lights straight from sun . Great wind and ocean not moving , then i can see white sand . Lucky me to shot again in my other favourite spot sunrise , yes Sanur is great spot to shot Sunrise shooting .
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Have a nice day and God Bless You All

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Starring at You by BertoniSiswanto

Morning lovely to see hidden villages , with fogs and ray lights . After see sunrise was wonderful then after i can see fogs down to the village then the sun come up catch the village , amazing and likes stay in heaven .
Yes Pinggan village is the famous village to see from hill , when you come here will be feel amazing .. Early morning before sun come , you can get milky way or twilight with lights around mountain from hill . I will upload next time ..
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Morning Speecheless by BertoniSiswanto

Morning speechless , yes in this time make my mind and my heart blowing away to somewhere . some where like heaven to pick up her and makes wake up of her . The sky , clouds around , ray lights , tide and boat for me so perfect composition . I got really lucky again in this time , thank`s GOD always blessing my morning …
Have a nice wednesday , enjoyed my photography and God Bless You All
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My Boat Under The Red Sky by BertoniSiswanto

Amazing sky perfect moment and lucky day to see sunrise with Red Sky over Mertasari Beach , this spot is another famous spot for sunrise shot . Not far from my house also so lovely spot here , after take a shot can hangout for hot a cup coffee , what a great place here . Bali lots spot to shot but a bit far , so almost my landscape photography the foreground with boat .
Hope you guys here not boring and wish all enjoyed .
Have a nice weekend and God Bless You All

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Morning Unbelievable by BertoniSiswanto

Yes indeed when i came here again not expected will be get amazing sky like this , big clouds , but powerful tones . I`ve been here with some people also and get the perfect moment , thank`s GOD always bless me .
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The Beginning Burning of Mengening Beach by BertoniSiswanto

The Beginning Burning of Mengening Beach

Yes in this time is the beginning for raining season in Bali , Indonesia . So will be perfect colour sunset sky after raining , red , blue , pink , purple , green , white , it`s like life is beautiful with the colour . Also is beginning for me get more strong and peaceful then before , calm and flow like a water .
Lovely shooting even mosquito already bite my feet , but i`m trying to be calm . Perfect time because for the first week raining season , the true colour of sunset sky come up . I take this shot about 7 pm Bali time and helping by a low light from my mobile 🙂

Hope you like it guys and enjoyed your evening in everywhere …
God Bless You All
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Green Hair by BertoniSiswanto

Morning so damn upset but i`m just feel past it , running my feet through the ocean and bring my camera . Then i found front of my eyes A Green Hair Meadow , great to see sunrise here . But long time a go more beautiful because lots of Tofu Rocks , that meaning rock`s like tofu and lots of green hair too. This spot good to shot and get green hair rocks , specially this months before raining a lots . So this is my another photography …
Enjoyed my photography and God bless You All
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Thank`s All 😉

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