Autumn chores… by Lankodjuric

Last throws of autumn means you have to stockpile firewood for winter 🙂 …. actually we were just having fun in the countryside and this is one shot that we particularly liked….

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The Colour Of Morning.jpg by liesthrualens

I decided on Corfe Castle this morning, at the promise of another misguided weatherman. Assured of a beautiful sunrise, I headed along the country roads at 5.30am, only to arrive at Corfe and find that the sunrise consisted of everything but sun. Having staggered up the daunting hill, I was soon turning around and heading towards Swanage.

Again, when I arrived, there was nothing but cloud. Setting up in position at the foot of the old pier, I watched as the sun slowly began to burn its way through the mottled cloud; revealing a beautiful, orange sky. Slowly the grey turned to amber and the sky was lit up beautifully. It lasted for about 5 minutes, enough time to fire off a couple of long exposures. This is the first of them.

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