The green tree frog by ThompJerry

The green tree frog is a plump, rather large tree frog, and can grow up to 11.5 cm (4.5 in) in length, with fully-grown females being slightly larger than males. There is a distinctive fatty ridge over the eye and the parotoid gland is moderately large. The iris is golden and has a horizontal slit pupil, as is typical of the Litoria genus, and the tympanum (a skin membrane similar to an eardrum) is visible just behind the eye. The limbs are short and robust and there are large adhesive discs at the end of the digits which provide grip while climbing. The fingers are about one-third webbed, and the toes nearly three-quarters webbed. The dorsal colour depends on the temperature and nature of the environment, ranging from brownish- or greyish-green to bright emerald green. The frog occasionally has small, irregularly-shaped white spots on its back. Males have a greyish, wrinkled vocal sac under the throat while the throat of females is white. The ventral surface in both sexes is creamy-white and rough in texture.

This frog is similar in appearance to the magnificent tree frog (L. splendida), which inhabits only north-western Australia. Older members of that species have very large parotoid glands, which cover the entire top of their heads and droop over their tympana. The parotoid gland of the green tree frog is much smaller, and it also lacks the yellow speckling on the back and the yellow markings on the hand, groin and thigh.

It can be distinguished from the giant tree frog (L. infrafrenata) by the distinct white stripe that that species has along the edge of the lower jaw and extending to the shoulder, which is not present in the green tree frog.

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Church of the Redeemer 2 by baneling

Church of the Redeemer in downtown Toronto.

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Tzielefos Venetian / Medieval Bridge, Cyprus by Jokerf1

Kelefos Bridge is an excellent example of a single arch medieval Venetian bridge built between (1489–1571) when copper was mined in Cyprus and traded with Egypt for silk and gold.

The demand of quality trading routes resulted in construction of dozens stone bridges in mountains, used for camel trails connecting distant mines in Troodos Mountains with the islands ports.

Kelefos Bridge spans the Dhiarizos river in the mountains of Paphos. It is located at the borders of Phini, Agios Nicolaos and Pera Vasa close to the Arminou Dam. This one arch stone bridge has 10.70m span and 10.7m width.

Have a nice weekend! Great nature in Cyprus

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Around the corner by tinobeyer

A shot I took after walking around for other subjects I could capture around sunset time. Afterwards I took the chance and went for some long exposures during blue hour whilst passing the bridge above this road. I really loved the colors coming out of this frame and didn’t have to do much post processing besides some minor adjustments in Lightroom.

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