lenticularlicious by andrewjlee

Dreams are most profound when they seem the most crazy.
– Sigmund Freud
It has to be said that I do love a good cloud, Chile delivered with plenty to spare. Driving back from Torres del Paine National Park late one evening, i looked in the rear view mirror and this was a sight to behold. It was truly surreal. Not the most creative of compositions I know.
But man…look at that cloud!

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One World Trade Center Aerial by tobyharriman

The One World Trade Center – Night Aerial
Ricoh Imaging ‪#‎Pentax645z‬

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Empire State Building Aerial by tobyharriman

Empire State Building Aerial #Pentax645z

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Times Square Aerial Night by tobyharriman

Times Square Aerial Night #Pentax645z

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Above New York City by tobyharriman

My Favorite view overlooking New York City. Taken with Ricoh Imaging ‪#‎pentax645z‬

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Time Square NYC by tobyharriman

Out of all the cities I fly over, New York is definitely something else! Amazing flight tonight with my buddies Nick Cahill and Austin DeWees with Wings Air Helicopters

Taken with the Ricoh Imaging Pentax 645z.
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Toby Earth II by tobyharriman

Toby Earth II – Pentax 645z

Be sure to check out new aerial reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pvciu7CvxuA

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Lombard Street Aerial by tobyharriman

Some new aerial im working on. Definitely in love with this loaner 51mp Pentax 645z medium format from Ricoh Imaging.

Lombard Street is “known” as one of the most crookedest street in the world, behind the underrated Vermont street which is also in San Francisco. Vermont street is steeper but has fewer turns. Then again, it’s not this beautiful looking from above!!

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