Unreal Morning Light by Barisparildar

This picture is from a crazy sunrise. I couldn’t catch the best light. I saw the pink clouds while driving to the location. You know that feeling when you miss the best moment with only 5 mins and you get super sad. I still took some shots because right after the sunrise. There were still amazing color movements on the lake and clouds. I’ve never seen these tones before in the area. It was a mixture of blue, green, yellow and magenta. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while taking it. Have a great day!!!

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Hollywood Sign by Barisparildar

I’ve always wanted to shoot a panorama of the Hollywood Hills. Never got lucky with the light until yesterday. I hiked up with my tripod, pano head and camera hoping to get the shot I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Found a good spot and started waiting, When the orange light beams started hitting the hills my heart started pumping. I knew the dramatic scene I’ve pictured in my mind for a long time was coming. Amazing light show continued for 10 minutes. I tried a bunch of different compositions. Here is my first edit.

Have a great day!

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Hiding Behind The Clouds by Barisparildar

Photography made me appreciate and enjoy everything in life more than ever. There were people walking by me not even noticing this beauty when I was totally amazed by the beautiful light and reflections. Some people were talking about the storm coming in and it might be raining a lot. A guy started a conversation about the fish in the lake. I guess I was one of the few people actually living this moment. I can’t describe the joy of witnessing a moment like this and just feeling like a part of it. I was already blown away by the clouds covering the mountain and then these little movements on the lake started. And here I am sharing this image after weeks and still kind of having the same feel I got there. Have a great week…

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Looking Back by Barisparildar

I was trying to capture a hawk circling above me. I spent 15 mins trying to get a good shot but my lens was manual focus. It was so frustrating to follow the fast moving hawk. After a while I just stopped trying and the hawk disappeared. While thinking about how incredible it was to see a hawk very closely I looked back and saw this incredible panorama below me. Light was absolutely gorgeous. I did not even use my tripod. Took some handheld shots. Just another reminder for me to keep on doing what I love the most. Have a great weekend everyone!

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