Explore Your World by AaronReedPhotography

I very rarely photograph landscapes with people in them. There is no particular reason for that, it’s just not my thing. When I came across this “test shot” I had taken while setting my exposure and waiting for these two to move on, I thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing. I hope you enjoy it.

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Eternal Beauty by AaronReedPhotography

This image is my all time personal favorite from Rainier National Park. I am one of the guest Editors this month here on 500px and I am choosing some of my favorite images from friends and those I follow the first half of the month and then from those I don’t know the second half. If you fit into either of these categories (that means you all do) then please feel free to share a link here to your absolutely favorite image to be considered. Thank you!

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The Fire Within by AaronReedPhotography

The Fire Within – Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Image #8 from my 5 day trip to the SW, a look into the heart of the earth. I have been asked to be a guest editor here on 500px this month and I’m looking for gold. Hope everyone brings their A game!

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