The beauty of islamic architecture by khd_uae

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abudhabi, such a masterpiece architecture, is you are beauty lover, then you must visit it as soon as you can 🙂

it appears in the shot as a float unique mosque over a thick layer of fog, a fairy tale come true !

this photo is panoramic one, 3 horizontal shots were merged together to achieve this final result, with 300mm as a focal length.

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The Hidden Beauty by khd_uae

Hi all, Thanks for your likes and favs on the previous shot, here is another one from that series, I took this one a while before the sunrise. I hope you like it as I did.

till this day, I am asking myself, does this scene exist in reality or it was just a beautiful dream ! What a stupid question isn’t it ?

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Alone IV by suraj1007

Well these structures are made of Sand it’s called Sand Stone, basically over the period of centuries When the sand particles, mixed with cement-like minerals such as quartz and calcite, are compressed under great pressure over long periods of time they stick together to become stone.
Went to desert with few friends where they showed me this I have seen very less in this part of the world, the textures & shapes were amazing… 🙂
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