Impact by MajeedBadizadegan

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I spent two days getting hammered by sea spray, rain, and hail that comes with standing in a winter storm on the Oregon coast. But in between all that, I got to see these monster waves break hundreds of feet hight. For scale, the top of the cliff where the people are standing is 100 feet high.

What I noticed from my limited experience shooting these waves is there’s really two main things that create interest in a Shore Acres Wave photograph: form and power. Sometimes there was a huge volume of water but with no form. And sometimes there was a beautiful shape to the splash, but no volume. Getting both at the time same time was more of a challenge but creates the most visually interesting photograph.

I also liked these conditions because the blue patch of sky and the low December sun side lit the wave perfectly, really driving home a nice contrast and separation.

Shore Acres State Park, OR

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Take Me Higher by MajeedBadizadegan

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I spent the last few days with some friends shooting the amazing Shore Acres Wave. The ocean was an incredible spectacle with swells between 20 and 30 feet. I was privy to light that changed as fast as the moving storm. It was hard to determine whether the moisture in the air was coming from above, or carried across the sky from salty waters below. It wasn’t a matter of getting drenched, it was how fast you got to that point.

These conditions almost claimed my camera as much of the sea spray was forcing it’s way under my storm cover, creating a greenhouse type effect from the surrounding moisture.

Enjoy this one and others to come from this awesome display of the raw power of nature.

Shore Acres State Park, OR

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