Shadows in the Snow by AdamGibbs

I took this image several winters ago and actually had it in my collection here on 500px. It was a rather small jpg so here it is again in a larger format.

I was up at Seymour today and have to say that perhaps it is time for me to look for a new local winter shooting location. Because the mountain is so close to Vancouver its popularity has gone through the roof over the last number of years. Day hikers, day skiers and photographers the mountain that has been so good to me has succomb to popularity. The summits of Seymour are not large so finding clean areas to shoot that haven’t been tracked over is getting increasingly hard to do. It is still a great place to get a jolt of exercise and a small reprieve from city dwelling.

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Pemberton Valley by AdamGibbs

I really need to get out and make some new images. This is a shot from a couple of years ago after a nice snowfall in the Pemberton Valley along the Birkenhead river, just east of Whistler.

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Wild Nootka by AdamGibbs

Temperate rain forest on the coastline of Nootka Island. Old growth forest on the west coast of British Columbia sure has a wild feel to it. A bit of a tangled mess but I am happy with the results.

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