No.361 – Wash by neilhamiltonphotography

Number 361 of my 365 photo challenge – A cross-processed and split-toned, long exposure, landscape image of the rocky coastline at Portknockie in Moray, Scotland just before sunset on a lovely, clear day.

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Incoming by ArpanDas

Well that huge wave which is dancing in the middle had me completely. An unexpected shower, not bad sometime tongue emoticon Fortunately I moved my camera immediately after seeing it coming. But before doing so I made sure I had the best one from the situation

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The creative manacle by horazio

Don’t get me wrong with the following lines, but it’s the way I feel at the moment:

Actually I love Photoshop (even if it’s often a love-hate relationship, because of the lately more often occuring bugs (deadly black scrubby zoom square, liquify spill etc…), crashes, slowdowns etc…). But is it on my own free will or is it more likely based on the „stranded on a lost island with only one female passenger syndrome“?

If somebody wants to create serious state of the art imagery, Photoshop is inevitable. Or in other words: Adobe has a 2D image editor monopol as far as it concerns work on a professional level (of course there are Gimp, Affinity Photo, Pixelmator, Corel PaintShop and others but they can not seriously compete with Photoshop imho)!

I often feel completely at Adobe’s mercy. This wouldn’t be so bad if the direction of development met my own personal expactations. But unfortunately it doesn’t. All that my heart desires is a blazing fast and rock solid 2D platform. A program which is able to handle a 16 bit, 40 MPixel image, with dozens of layers really stable and reliable. But this is exactely what Adobe is neglecting. They screw a little on the GUI, stuff silly halfway done 3D and filmmaking functionality into Photoshop, implement a useless startup assistent etc. instead of getting the core functions, filters and the whole GUI on a real state of the art level. Photoshop is 2D imagemaking. Working with pixels. And with nowadays processors and graphic-chips this should be much faster as it is with the latest Photoshop version.

3D-designers and artists are working with Cinema4D, Lightwave, Maya, ZBrush and all those other incredibly great programs. They only need Photoshop to post process the renders. So those integrated 3D functions are just for amateurs who want to create a boring 3D logo. Is this the strategy Adobe? To satisfy the mainstream who’s scratching only the surface of all the possibilities of Photoshop? Doing everything a little bit but nothing really right?

The current Photoshop version should be renamed to “Photoshop 3D Elements” and another line of development should be started (perhaps “Photoshop 2D Pro” :)).

Please Adobe do something! Talk with the pros (I guess you do already… so listen to them)! Stop stuffing silly functions into Photoshop and start reworking the core-architecture (including main features like all the filters, puppetwarp, focus-stacking etc…) now!

Let me fall in love with the program your name stands for again (no I’m not talking about Acrobat Reader ;))…

Good luck, merry christmas and a happy new year!

PS: There’s a CC logo in my image which should transport the message “At Adobe’s mercy” because there are other programs in the CC suite facing the same fate. Lightroom for example. Ever worked with an over-100’000-image-library? Very often and unmotivated blazing slow (a little faster with the latest update but slow again with the next one I’m sure)). And what they did with the export functionality in the forelast release shows how wrong the directions of development are at the moment pretty well.

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Dawn by ArpanDas



You want to know how the photo was processed? From November I am starting to give Skype lessons about post processing. For more details please contact me through email or in facebook.

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No.313 – Raindrops by neilhamiltonphotography

Number 313 of my 365 photo challenge – A split-toned, macro (ish) image of rain drops falling in to a puddle full of fallen Autumn leaves.

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The world beneath by ArpanDas

You have already seen the long exposure version of this one. But this seems to be better than the previous one to me. I was looking at this place as I am going here soon and found this one. An remarkable sunrise over Lake Bled. This was taken just when the sun started to show. I already said the addition of the human element to the composition was inspired from my favourite photographer out there i.e Max Rive. Enjoy 🙂

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