FOR JEFF by samnsi

This one is for Jeff Swanson !!! You live in our hearts and thoughts !!! It was shot during my visit to Switzerland in July 2013. Thanks for viewing it 🙂

Please check out Jeff’s memorial page and the Melanoma Research Foundation website in the links below:

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Afterglow or Last light or Twilight by KenjirohTukiyama

I want to shoot the sunset and went to Osaka Port.
to see the beautiful sunset from the car.
Expected Increases…..
But when I arrived at the Osaka-ko the way by being caught in the traffic jam,
It was after sunset fell. . . (ToT)

Do not discouraged,
I’m shooting the Twilight color (@@)

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The Endless Search by maxrivefotograaf

Here is one from the Himalayas I took last spring. I’m sure this one isn’t to everyone’s taste and I had to get used to the dreamy look myself but in the end I like it enough so why not post it here. The light is coming from the last glow of the setting sun while the temperatures where dropping very quickly and a sea of clouds covered the glacier pretty quickly.

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