Desert Chess by eyeofalens

Desert Chess

I nearly missed this opportunity, as I was half way up a dune behind where I’ve captured this from & then saw the sun making a small break through the clouds. So quickly running or scampering back down to here .As it all happen so fast this compostion with the playa could have been better, I should have been back a little further to get all of it in ( which I did afterwards ) but the best of the sun had gone, I have one or two more with a smaller sunstar, but think I prefer this one for now.
I was also torn between running back here or running up the dune, but think I wouldn’t have made it in time for the sun making it’s break.

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Tokyo afternoon by PAkDocK

Tokyo from above, with a plain light, just before the storm. So many lives.

Tokyo, 2015

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Boy and Teddy by tracy-t

Adorable boy on a railway station, waiting for the train with suitcase and teddy bear

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Solstice Sunset by BrandtM

I try to avoid reposting a file, however, due to the lack of a replacement option in 500px, every once in a while a current edit of a previous photo is so much better it seems to make sense to update it with a new upload. This is from the June Solstice, or within a day or two of it, in 2014. Thank you for visiting.

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