Up & Down by Citrum

A small variation on the theme of architecture … or aviation. 🙂

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Night Flight by LindaEdgecombPhotography

…designed to avoid detection ..the Stealth..in my few series of this amazing architecture of the parabola .that with clouds ..seems to resemble a spaceship..:) thank you all so dearly my friends!! ^_^

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Sky Captain by andiblockiersystem

See the editing steps here:

Another composite created out of two images. The plane was shot by myself in the Technik-Museum in Speyer, Germany. The second is a free stock photo. I’m a fan of the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow – this is my hommage…

The rough post processing:
– Cutting out plane
– Placement and composition
– B/W conversion
– Contrast fixes
– Adding clouds (Brushes)
– Styling the plane (Logos, shark painting, rotor, exhaust)
– Recoloring the image from B/W (Color Balance, Colorization, Curves with Masks)
– Lightbeam
– Dodge & Burn
– Final stamping (There is always something =))
– Sharpening
– Vignette

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Patrouille “Marche Verte” by aminefassi

morocco – Rabat – Bouregreg – Fete du Trone 2015

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