Under The Bridge by P-ANilsson

Hello all after the christmas weekend, sitting here editing stuff from this summer that i didnt have the time until now. This shot of the lovely Pia Nilsson is made only 500 yards from were i live, magic light under that bridge!! Hope you all had a great christmans and hope you all have a great new photo year.
Cheers P-A

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Woodland Godess by P-ANilsson

Hello all

Sorry that i havent been able to spend much time in here and have loads of catching up to do.

This is a shoot of Michelle Svendsen a up and comming model in Sweden, a shot inspired by the woodland and hunting godess Diana from the greek mythology. Beautiful and Dangerous all in one.

Hope you guys like it and have a vote.
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Golden Man by P-ANilsson

A frame of the one of my favourite models Ali Ghafori. This is taken as a street fashion image in the sunset light bouncing of the bay were i live in Sweden. Think he looks as a golden god in this one.
Its for all you ladies in here that have to put up with all my girl frames…..;) Please vote and share on social medias.
Have a great week!!
Cheers P-A

Ps. Looks best on black background…..Ds

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Inked Godess by P-ANilsson

Hello all!!
Been shooting like crazy so have had time to be in here this week. Here is shot from a shoot with the gorgeus tatoo model Pia Nilsson. A rising star in swedish fashion and tattoo world.
Hope you like our work and have a vote.Cheers P-A

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Pias Instagram: piamatilda

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Golden Godess by P-ANilsson

This is the second frame in the godess series, this is the last with Lucia. Its a very soft and mellow autumn edit to show of the Freja that lives in all women, the one godess that controlled birth and death in the nordic mythology. Hope you all like it and have a vote.
Cheers P-A

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Ronja Rothe Fashion by P-ANilsson

Hi all
Been shooting like the crazy so sorry for not being in here the last 4-5 days.
This frame is one of the reasons. Did a fashion shot inside of Stockholm with the lovely Ronja Rothe as a model. This shot came out so great so i just had to share it in here. What do you guys think, sexy but clothed is cool to nes pas?…;)
For best viewing look at it big and on black bakground. So doubble click and hit m on the keyboard.
Have a great day.
Cheers P-A

Model: Ronja Rothe
Stylist: Style by Charbel
Assistant: Jens Widmark
Second Photographer: Charlotte Hall
Clothes: Systrarna in Saltsjöbaden
Head photographer and shoot cordinator: Moi….

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Vintage Smile by P-ANilsson

Seems like you like smiling models in here so here is more Mona Lisa smile from Lucia and me. Taken in 100% natural light no bouncers even. The edit is classic vintage look that works well with the 70s outfit.
Have a great weekend my friends.
Cheers P-A

Ps-.Should be watched large and on black bakground, so double click and hit M. Ds

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Winning Smile by P-ANilsson

What to about the title? She sure has got that my dear muse!! Hope you all have a great weekend. Be well and safe!!
All natural light in this shot, no strobes.
Cheers P-A

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Ali Ghafori by P-ANilsson

Hi my friends
Had a shoot this monday with a future superstar. Ali Ghafori is a up and comming model, that is modelling, acting and dancing. Going soon to bollywood in india to be the next big superstar in India and Asia. Awsome model, beautiful as a god, sixpack fro

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Ronja by P-ANilsson

Time for me to introduce a swedish model called Ronja Rothe. Fabolous poser as she is former elite gymnast, but this first one is a head shot just to say hello.
Taken during the last light last monday and it turned out pretty damn fantastic in my and her book.
Hope you like it and have a vote and please follow for more work like it.
Cheers P-A

Ps. Should be watch on black bakground and in large size so double klick and hit M. Ds

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