The Promise by AlisterBenn

Taken on the last day we were on Iceland last a few weeks ago, this image has been one of the hardest I have ever put together. 11 vertical frames at 14mm handheld and manually blended, warped and encouraged into this 16:9 image. Handholding it slow enough to get some flow in the water was the least of the challenges!

This is in an area I have been exploring for a few years now, in summer the rocks are carpeted in a fragile moss and the delicate environment t takes some careful handling. In winter, with everything frozen and covered in snow it was actually a bit easier to access.

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The Spirit of Tibet II by AlisterBenn

This is an image I made back in 2012 while leading a private workshops to the Tibetan regions of SW China.

It’s a favourite of mine and I have decided to rework it in light of the advances in processing capabilities.

These mountains of the Himalaya have a remarkable pull to them, you can’t stop looking at them and often I stay awake long into the night just sitting quietly to experience those moments for as long as I can.

This image is actually taken from a very comfortable hotel at 3400m/10000 feet that looks right across the valley to these incredible peaks. Probably the easiest view of the Himalaya 🙂

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Salute to the Sun by AlisterBenn

Celebrating the first day of the New year by looking back to arguably the highlight of 2015; co-leading the tour to Kharta Valley in Tibet with Marc Adamus.

This image was taken from our camp 4 when Marc and 4 of the clients had headed further up the valley towards Everest and Lhotse.

Handheld 14mm pano of 11 verticals.

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Soul Searching by AlisterBenn

Hi everyone. I get to spend 2-3 months a year on Iceland and always make some time to explore new areas once the tours are over. This is yet another little valley that we drive past on a regular basis and never stop on our way to and from the iconic locations.

We were lucky to be there just as the sun came over the horizon (about 11:10am!)

Single exposure with the D810 and a 14-24/2.8

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Lost in Paradise by AlisterBenn

This is another large pano generated using my 14-24mm lens handheld. Single exposures only for the highlights and the shadows brought up in processing.

After this shot was taken about three weeks ago, it dumped over a metre of snow here and that was it for the soft autumn feel – full on Arctic!

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Introverted by AlisterBenn

We are over three weeks in to our 5 week stay on Iceland and on to our final workshop of the season.

We’ve had awesome conditions, and now the whole island is locked in heavy, deep snow.

Tomorrow we’ll be back at Jokulsarlon for another three nights.

This image was taken last week and I was happy to find this hole in the ice through which to frame the sunrise.

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