Light My Fire by eyeofalens

Light My Fire

Id have to say the evening I captured this amongst many was probably the highlight of my 2 week California trip.
When this all started up, hearing people up above me out of sight cheering, I couldnt help but smile. Often I’ve been in locations by myself & swearing or giggling like a little kid as the light go’s off, but hearing a whole load of people & many just watching not photographing was something to remember.
If I do ever return to Yosemite, ill certainly return to this little location I discovered hidden out of sight.

On a side note I should probably get my head checked based on how the shitty dynamic pulse punishes regular posters.Whats the point of it all?

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Jacob’s Ladder by intrepidphotos

The precipitous hairpins of Jacob’s Ladder make up one of the most dangerous stretches of road in Australia. Constructed in 1963 the road winds its way up between a break in the walls of dolerite to an extensive plateau above 1,200 metres (3,900 ft) altitude that makes up Ben Lomond. The highest spur on the plateau itself is Legges Tor, at 1,572 metres (5,157 ft). Ben Lomond is located east of Launceston in the Ben Lomond National Park, Tasmania. Australia
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Altitude view by Tardigrade8

Unforgettable experience. Just have to do it again some time. In addition of euphoria for conquering a peak it was also cool that I was all alone on the summit because the top is mostly a siege and is usually really crowded.
But there was a minor problem when I climbed the summit of the Breithorn I forgot to grease the sun cream on my face and I got a second degre sunburn on my face, other than that it was unbelievably wonderful.

The Breithorn is a mountain in the Pennine Alps, located close to the Matterhorn. It is considered the most easily climbed 4,000 m Alpine peak.
This is due to the Klein Matterhorn cable car which takes climbers to over 3,820 m (12,700 ft) for a starting point.
The standard route (SSW flank) continues over a glacial plateau before climbing to the summit on a 35 degree snow slope.
However, inexperienced mountaineers may run into severe difficulty if caution is not taken near cornices or in bad weather.
For experienced climbers wanting more of a challenge, the half traverse of the Breithorn crest is another option.

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Kala Pattar by intrepidphotos

Frozen prayer flags on the pre dawn summit of Kala Pattar (5545m). At 5500m you have approximately 50% of the Oxygen available at sea level. Nepalese Himalaya, Nepal

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Himalaya by AlisterBenn

This image is taken from about 17500 feet in the Himalaya of Nepal, not far from Everest.

My wife and I had trekked up for a week or so to get here and had left the warmth of our sleeping bags well before dawn to climb about 1500 feet up to this small lake.

You’re never quite sure when you’re lying in a warm place what the morning will bring – fog, mist, snow! But, you get up and go anyway, and sometimes get rewarded in this way.

Memorable experiences of my life – it’s well up there.

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