Magic morning by wdafotonatura

Mirth by LorenzoNadalini

Puez-Odle Natural Park (Bolzano) – Italia

Enjoy the beauty and the grandeur of these beautiful mountains in a calm autumn afternoon.


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Dark Hollow by ErinBabnik

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One of the reasons why I’ve dedicated five years to exploring the Dolomites is that I keep finding new and wonderful vantage points there each year. Unlike some regions where there might be one or two prominent massifs to enjoy, the Dolomites have more than I could possibly count. Because the seemingly innumerable peaks are all so close to each other, the terrain is incredibly diverse, offering an endless variety of options for photographers. That amount of variety combined with the frequently phenomenal atmospheric conditions is a recipe for pure photographic bliss. It reminds me a lot of the American southwest in that regard, another region where I have been spending a lot of time enjoying the diverse marvels that nature has to offer.

It was incredibly gratifying to be able to show other photographers some of these areas last summer, when I led a number of workshops in the region for the first time in the many years that I’ve been photographing the Dolomites. If you are interested in joining me there, get in touch soon! Brochures about my group workshops are available on my website, and I will be taking private bookings again this summer as time allows. Thanks for looking, and please feel free to share!

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Duerrenstein nights by lightpix

Yes, I know … Milky Way season is over on the northern hemisphere … but hey … who cares … it´s been too beautiful … even without the center of our galaxy. 😉

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The bench over the valley by PeteBondurant

This beautiful bench was a great place to sit down and admire the valley

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The moon over the Odle by PeteBondurant

The moon shines over the Odle, while last rays of sun light the peaks

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