Ama Dablam and the Milky Way by shanezanath

Ama Dablam is arguably the most scenic mountain in the Everest region (which would arguably make it the most scenic mountain in the world). I was fortunate to capture the Milky Way rising above the horizon, as clouds engulfed the area I was standing only a few minutes later. Actually, I was pretty lucky to have GPS in the clouds as well, as I would of had no idea where I was going until I got above the clouds! It was a little sketchy for a minute.
I would of liked to capture Everest with the Milky Way, although because it rises in the Southern sky, this was not possible from Nepal. The moonlight, although not severe, definitely interfered with washing out the Milky Way. I’ve been incredibly impressed with how much you can recover from this dilemma when using Tony Kuyper’s luminosity masks and V4 panel functions in Photoshop.

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Ama Dablam in the light of the rising Moon by kirillpolishchuk

Ama Dablam in the light of the rising Moon

That small spot right above the ridge on the left is Andromeda Galaxy (aka M31) one of the galaxies that are visible to the naked-eye, which cannot be seen from New Zealand 😦 Luckily in the Southern Hemisphere we can observe Magellanic Clouds.
Just imagine, M31 consists of one trillion stars and lays 2.5 million light-years away from us. For comparison, the closest star system to the Solar System is Alpha Centauri which is at 4.32 ly from us and our Sun just at 8 min 19 s at light speed.

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Protect Us by AlisterBenn

Trekking in then Himalaya a wonderful experience – massive mountains, friendly people, great food and thin air. The perfect recipe for a good time (in my book anyway!)

Ama Dablam is a beautiful mountain and hangs over much of the trek up to Everest Base Camp from the south (Nepal) side.

The trail is punctuated by many of these Tibetan Stuppas – little shrines of worship, decorated with stones carved with the repetitive Om Mani Padmi Hum. This shot by moonlight illuminated for me a beautiful experience of solitude and reflection.

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Ama Dablam by AlisterBenn

Ama Dablam is a mountain in the Himalaya range of eastern Nepal. The main peak is 6,812 metres (22,349 ft), the lower western peak is 6,170 metres (20,243 ft). Ama Dablam means “Mother’s necklace”; the long ridges on each side like the arms of a mother (ama) protecting her child, and the hanging glacier thought of as the dablam, the traditional double-pendant containing pictures of the gods, worn by Sherpa women.[3] For several days, Ama Dablam dominates the eastern sky for anyone trekking to Mount Everest basecamp.

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Chhukung Ri Ascent by intrepidphotos

Taking a break for a breath a short distance from summit of Chhukung Ri (5546m) with the incredible spire of Ama Dablam (6856m) rising above the cloud filled valley in the background. Only half the oxygen available at 5000m when compared to sea level. Everest Region, Nepalese Himalayas, Nepal
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