Magical Hoodoos by morganpt

Bryce Canyon is one of those cool places where a dramatic, expansive landscape is just a ten minute walk from the car. Kind of amazing really. For this shot, I was just trying to draw as much color out of the sunset using long exposures and the natural magenta hues of my B+W 10 stop filters.

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Edge of the Night by morganpt

At Tettegouche State Park along the North Short in Minnesota, these two climbers allowed me to photograph them as they made several ascents and climbs up this cliff at Shovel Point. Perched at the edge of the point, I created this composite of several images that were stitched over the course of two hours of shooting from the same point. It’s a precipitous place, so I hope the image conveys the vertigo sensation of being there.

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DC Rush Hour – Cropped by morganpt

One cool thing about 500px is tapping into the community’s visual expertise to poll a photo – in this case 2 photos. I’m posting an uncropped version and a cropped version of the same image. I’d like to see which one has a stronger visual appeal. Here is the other one:

I’ll remove the less popular version from my profile.

This version is one image, while the other image is a combination of this image and a top portion of the vaulted ceiling stitched together. I feel they both have their merits, but your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks for helping me out!!

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Trip into the Light by morganpt

These trees in Deadvlei are so inviting in the morning light! So inviting that it’s worth sleeping in the park overnight in my car, starting the 5am hike to find these hidden salt flats, and overcoming my fear as my headlamp easily spotted animal eyes in the dark and there were cat prints all over the sandy ground. I only wish I left at 5am to catch the stars!!!

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Celestial Dance Over Lake Superior by morganpt

The morning of October 11th was a beautiful one where Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury formed an arc leading to the crescent moon over Hollow Rock. Per my normal travel habit, I parked my car next to my morning photo destination so I would not miss the morning magic. This time just outside of Hollow Rock, which is just south of Grand Portage, MN.

Setting up about 2 hours before sunrise, around 5:20 am, I first took a series of astro shots and kept taking pictures from the same spot until sunrise. This image is a composite of three images from the same spot with a 15 minute time period. Here, you can see three planets and the crescent moon. Venus is the brightest object, with Jupiter just below and to the left, and Mercury is very faint as it is just above and a little left of the crescent moon. You can see details here:

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Human-light vs. Sunlight by morganpt

At the turn of the 20th century, Lake Superior’s Minnesota shoreline was a dark and isolated place northeast of Two Harbors. 1905 may have also been the most disastrous year for Lake Superior shipping. The September storm named the Mataafa Blow sank 18 ships along the North Coast. As a result, Split Rock lighthouse was built.

This image is a composite of two images: one shooting directly into the unimpeded sun to create the moody, heavy contrast. The other of the lighthouse to catch the glow.

In conceptualizing this image, I wanted to show the tension between the human-made light vs. sunlight. As you can see, nature always wins.

You can read more about this fascinating place here:

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8 Hungry Ghosts and 2 Forlorn Trucks by morganpt

While driving along the North Coast in Minnesota, I came along a few photogenic cars. In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d create a series of ghostly selfies to tell the story of these forgotten, cast-away trucks. This is a bit different than other stuff, but I am in the mood to experiment.

For this image, I shot a series of 8 selfies that are each one minute in length, one several minute exposure for the clouds, and added a previous image for the stars. It was just plain fun and the people who were also photographing these trucks thought I was crazy (maybe I am).

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