King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) by GlennBartley

King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) perched on a rocky beach on South Georgia Island.

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Kiss me baby between white foam blanket by Andrea_Izzotti

Patagonia sea lion portrait while kissing on the beach (with the baby voyeur ;=)

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Icebergs in the Antarctic Sound by mreyfman

The remoteness and a severe climate make the Antarctic the most difficult continent to reach. Our virtual tour is an unique opportunity to visit it while staying indoors.
In a case you have missed it – here is the Airpano Virtual Tour from our WildPhoto/WorldPhotoTravels 2014 Expedition to Antarctic. Make sure you watch unique 360 video and beautiful 360 panoramas. You can also look through some of our “2D” photos and read the story. Please note that in order to view 360 video you need a powerful computer and fast Internet connection. Our videos is optimized to be used on FireFox and Google Chrome browsers. Click and drag your mouse to control video. Enjoy!

There still some time to jump on board of Wild 2015 Photo Travel November South Georgia Expedition. Please contact me via email for more info or click on link above and use built-in feature to get funny translation).

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