A Moose-d by GreggB

Here is one with the moose. I took this shot in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming a couple of days ago. To me this is a spectacular creature. Look at those antlers. Some can weight as much as 40 Kilos or even more. That’s around 80 ponds. Try carry that much weight on your head 🙂 From what I understand moose is an animal with a bad temper so I was shooting from a distance with my Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 lens and 1.4TC attached to get reach of 700mm.

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color bleeding out by vanessapaxton

Eyes calm. Focussed. Steady.
Hands. Hands, they betray you.
Hold on, but it’s futile.
You’re bleeding out.
All your color, it’s on the floor.
The frost is coming.
And it’s going to take
It’s going to crush
the things

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Without Words !! by Harry-Eggens

Male and female Red Deer.

Furthermore it’s all up to your own more or less dirty minds what to think of this smelling tongue………, lol!! 🙂

Shot taken in Park Jaegersborg close to Copenhagen in Denmark.

©Harry Eggens

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday,


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