Inferno Door by jaychong

“Inferno Door”

Well, I was going do a top 5 images of 2015 but I ran out of time culling through the photos. So I decided to just edit photos smile emoticon. Sunset blow up was predicted by team ‪#‎escaype‬ !

Techy stuff: I took 2 panos and blended them together to get a 3:2 ratio so I could get a more drawn in FG and in a portrait format. Each pano was 6 shot stitch. This became one huge and sluggish file to edit. Edit in Adobe PS CC using Luminosity mask for DR and the usual bag of tricks.

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Electric Blue by WarrenKeelan

Electric Blue //
Beautiful liquid blue energy seconds before detonation.
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f i r e b i r d by WarrenKeelan

Firebird //
Mysteries of the ocean.
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paris top by dspadazzi

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Shoted during my last travel to Paris, France. it’s a wonderful city, also during a day like this one here. Dreezle and cold.
great city.

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Parabola by WarrenKeelan

Parabola //
Magic happens where ocean meets light.
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