Incoming by ArpanDas

Well that huge wave which is dancing in the middle had me completely. An unexpected shower, not bad sometime tongue emoticon Fortunately I moved my camera immediately after seeing it coming. But before doing so I made sure I had the best one from the situation

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Dawn by ArpanDas



You want to know how the photo was processed? From November I am starting to give Skype lessons about post processing. For more details please contact me through email or in facebook.

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The world beneath by ArpanDas

You have already seen the long exposure version of this one. But this seems to be better than the previous one to me. I was looking at this place as I am going here soon and found this one. An remarkable sunrise over Lake Bled. This was taken just when the sun started to show. I already said the addition of the human element to the composition was inspired from my favourite photographer out there i.e Max Rive. Enjoy 🙂

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The wanderer of darkness by ArpanDas

A self portrait with the moon and milkyway, so its basically MMM(Me, moon and milkyway) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

Another image from a trip with with my friend Ramit during last summer near Antignano(Tuscany). The conditions were perfect for night photography. But there was something more crazy. We got the moon and the Milkyway in a single frame (for a very less time: something like 15 minutes) when the moon was setting and near the horizon. I have never seen something like this. We didn’t have any star tracker that night, but my friend had a 50mm with him and I knew it can bring the crazy details as well. So the sky was taken with Canon 6D and 50mm and the foreground with Nikon D810 and Samyang 14mm. It was not easy to blend as the two lenses have different scaling. The sky is a pano of twelve images. The foreground consists of two images, one with and one without the self portrait. I love the overall result

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Breaking all Illusions by ArpanDas

I am working on a huge Panorama but my macbook is not enough for it. Photoshop is crashing all the time. So I tried a single exposure from it. Hope you will like it. This is so far my favourite place to shoot photography as we have everything with this composition. Moon, milkyway, sunset whatever you want

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DaSea by belhial13

Since I begun shooting, I love the great feelings that photography gives but on top of that is the friendship that bonds people with this same passion.
This is a “comboshot”. My friend and great photographer Arpan Das sent me the raw file of a shot captured in Antignano during a session on the Tuscany’s seashore. I’ve had the great pleasure of developing this photograph and sharing it with him and with you. It’s a single exposure shot with a Nikon D810 and Tamron 15-30mm.

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Kiss of the Sun by ArpanDas

One of the best sunsets I witnessed. It was still not the best image of that day. But I love how the light is leading my eyes towards the sun. Believe it or not I did not apply a single layer of dodge and burn in this image. Because the light was so beautiful I didn’t have to do anything.

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