Stac Pollaidh Viewpoints, Highlands, Scotland by EuropeTrotter

My favorite walk in Highlands, at the top of Stac Pollaidh.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the stark beauty of Scotland’s far north-west, and climbing Stac Pollaidh shows off this area at its very best, treating you to panoramic views over great wilderness.
Rising from a maze of small lochs and rocky outcrops, the mountains in this region possess a surreal quality. As Stac Pollaidh stands alone in a relatively flat landscape, the views from here are breathtaking : to the north the Culmor (on the right of the pic) and the Suilven (on the left) across the wilderness of Assynt.
Enjoy !

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Red Deer, Loch Assynt, Scotland by EuropeTrotter

It’s the undisputed Monarch of the Glen !
Red deer are Scotland’s largest surviving native wild land mammal. Males are called stags and have antlers up to a metre long. Stags live in small wandering groups, except during the rut when they become solitary and fight other stags for the control of a hind herd.There are large numbers of red deer in Scotland – a problem for re-growth of native woods, but a bonus for watchers who like to see the herds.

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Promised Land by StefanHefele

“Promised Land” – Assynt – Scotland

The view from Suilven was even more fascinating than the ascent itself. After a spooky, foggy night on the ridges of the mountain we had a short blast of light in the morning. Only seconds. But enough time to keep the memory forever.

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