The Smoking Room by RyanDyar

Smoke from the surrounding wildfires during my two week trip to Glacier NP made itself VERY well known. All day long it was there like some loud drunk frat-dude saying “look at me! I’m here to screw up your good time, bro!”

Fortunately, we were able to use the smoke to our advantage a few times. The smoke can do interesting things to the atmosphere and light color, so not all hope was lost. The haziness in this particular shot was from the fires hundreds of miles away in Washington state… it made the trip across two states to try to screw up my party, but I think I made it work still. Not the most original image ever taken, and a bit predictable for sure… but whatever, I dig it.

Anyways, one of the tours I’m leading in Norway with my good friends Arild and Stian is almost filled, so if you are interested in that trip, now is the time to check it out! I’m willing to bet this trip to the Arctic will be even more productive than our last. I can’t wait!

Also, I just released a new post-processing instructional video a few days back. It’s packed with some unique techniques and theories about processing you may not find anywhere else. People seem to really be enjoying the videos and have had nothing but great things to say, so I *think* they are helping people… it’s been awesome to see the many before/after shots people have been emailing me. Be sure to check the videos out if you are into that sort of thing. It’s all on my website, as well as more photos, photo tour info, processing instruction via Skype like everyone else is doing, etc, etc.

2015 Tour Schedule
Lofoten Autumn Aurora – With Arild Heitmann
Northern Lights Finale – With Arild Heitmann
Processing Tutorial Videos
Processing Instruction via Skype

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lavender blue aster by edzerdla

Flower of the month of September and the herb of the goddess Venus.
Known as Eye of Christ in France and Starwort in England, asters were thought to carry magical powers.
Another myth :
According to the Cherokee Indian legend, two warring tribes, fighting over a choice hunting ground, waged war over a hill, down a valley and into a village. All the villagers were killed except for two sisters who hid in the woods. Both wore doe skin dresses, one dyed lavender-blue with fringe, the other one bright yellow. The sisters sought out the Herb Woman who lived over the mountain in another valley. This woman gathered herbs by day and brewed magic potions by night, a gift given to her by the gods. As the sisters slept that night under the stars, the Herb Woman looked into the future and saw that these little girls would be hunted down by the enemy. So she sprinkled them with a magic brew and covered them with leaves. In the morning there were two flowers where the sisters had been. One was the lavender-blue aster, the fringe from the dress having been turned into the outer flower petals of the aster.

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