Waiting for the end by ramon4

“It is always better
to avenge dear ones than to indulge in mourning.
For every one of us, living in this world
means waiting for our end. Let whoever can
win glory before death. When a warrior is gone,
that will be his best and only bulwark.”

Seamus Heaney

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The Dream of Aengus Og by ramon4

So when the time came, Angus Og went to the loch, and he saw the three times fifty white birds there, with their silver chains about their necks. And Angus stood in a man’s shape at the edge of the loch, and he called to the girl: “Come and speak with me, O Caer!” “Who is calling me?” said Caer. “Angus calls you,” he said “and if you come, I swear by my word, I will not hinder you from going into the loch again.” “I will come,” she said. So she came to him, and he laid his two hands on her, and then, to hold to his word, he took the shape of a swan on himself, and they went into the loch together, and they went around it three times. And then they spread their wings and rose up from the loch, and went in that shape till they were at Brugh na Boinne. And as they were going, the music they made was so sweet that all the people that heard it fell asleep for three days and three nights.

Lady Gregory

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When I think earth I write blue by ramon4

Cuando pienso tierra escribo azul,
cielos navegables, torres de piedra
qu’apuntan hacia’l norte.
Suaños verdes d’alcaecer, pan
abrasándose nas eras.

Cuando digo presente veo bocas
coronadas d’espinas,
homes que persiguen paraísos de pesiglás,
corazones que bombian millones por minutu, miedu.
Miedu que berra en bidones d’aceite.
Días ensarriaos, nueites blancas,
ya un didu que borra la hestoria de los ḷḷibros.

El pasáu ya un cristal qu’escacha
nos güeyos d’una nena de tres anos
perdida nel sagráu camín d’Idarga

Taresa Lorences

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