Divergence by eyeofalens

For me personally I feel this is my most powerful image I have yet captured of the Oresund bridge that spans the stretch of water between Sweden & Denmark.
I love how the fog & low laying clouds swallow up the bridge as it disappears across the waters of the Oresund.
Along with contrast of these Sea buckthorns.
New Years day was a productive & invigorating one…so was today 🙂

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A Whisper In The Night by MarcoHeisler

A scene from winter 2012/2013. No snow this year till now so I need to edit some pics from the archive 🙂
Hope you like it, have a great day all!
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Winterless by eyeofalens

Seeing as there has been bugger all snow in the far south of Sweden this Winter thus far, I give you one from last winter from within Bokskogen.
No trolls to be found, maybe after a few of gods nectar, there’s a thought, a midnight run out here searching for them, bound to see all sorts of things with a few Guinness running through the veins 🙂

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Just arrived by OscarKeserciPhotography

Milky way image taken in Rhodes,Greece at summer.
Happy new year to all of you!

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Serenity by LivingLoud

Модель – Ирина Попова
Model – Irina Popova 
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Botswana Sunset by MarselvanOosten

Well, there you go, I’ve done it: the subject is in the middle of the frame. The composition police will not be pleased. Yet I like it as it is. Sure, I could have shot it as a vertical with less dead space on both sides, but then I would have lost the interesting clouds and the sense of space.

Anyway, after months of running tours we’re finally back home, and home means office work. The good news for me is that office work often equates to image processing, so I guess it’s not so bad. I’m currently going through my archives for several reasons, and this image of a meerkat is one of many that I found in my Botswana folder.

If you’ve never been to Botswana, then you absolutely should. It’s wildlife photography heaven. We’re running two tours there in April/May, and due to a cancellation we now have three openings on the 25 April – 4 May trip. I hope you haven’t spent your Christmas bonus yet!

If you’re interested, and of course you are, then please check out our website for more information on this trip:
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Hope to see you there!



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