Germany Neuschwanstein Castle on the background of by architecturalphotographer

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Vampich virgin by Vahlenkamp

Then he kissed her. At his lips touch, she blossomed for him like a flower and the incarnation was complete. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Moraine Making it’s Bed by Odyssey-Photograpy

Moraine lake located in the valley of the 10 peaks but only a few are visible on this day. Banff national part has many many Gems but this is my favourite as its easy to get to! I was fortunate enough to visit it about 10 times this past summer and was able to see if from its de thawing stage to the beautiful blue summer days and even the vivid and colourful fall days but now its time for it to get ready for a another winter sleep.I am fortunate to live in Canmore Alberta which is a 10 minute drive to BNP which puts me about a 40 minute drive away from this location 🙂 . A few weeks back i posted a similar shot but from the other side of the “tourist hill” hope you guys all enjoy and have a great week end.

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Belfry of Bruges at sunset, Belgium by SinisaCiglenecki

Belfry of Bruges (Brugge) at sunset seen from Dijver Canal. Belfry is one of landmarks of Bruges. It is the medieval bell tower in the historical centre of the town.

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