ARISE by williampatino

A personal favourite image from 2015, captured in Iceland during November. I didn’t intend to visit this rather popular mountain but one thing led to another and I found myself standing before this unforgettable scene not long before flying back home to Aus. FUll story Over Here

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Chasing the Aurora by erax7

Sorry for the bland title – been a bit tired recently 😛

I recently went on a great trip to Norway with my older brother Steven and my oldest daughter Jessica.

We went as part of a an organised trip with Chasing Lights ( Weather forecasts while we were there weren’t good – but the organisers were probably best described as persistent as we travelled far to break free of the cloud cover. Unfortunately my daughter fell asleep for the main show and was difficult to wake.

We stopped at 4 locations on the way out and came to this one. The foreground was unfortunately rather flat (being a field of snow) – so it’s making your own foreground interest with a self portrait. I discovered many issues shooting the aurora and hopefully have the opportunity again in the future to shoot it again with those lessons on board.

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