The Curtain by Arild_Heitmann

I shot this during one of the craziest aurora displays ive ever seen. Curtains of purple needles ripped across the sky faster than anyone can imagine. I was down to 0,4 sec exposure at iso 1600 f2.8. Thats pretty crazy.
To witness this in one of Lofotens finest locations…a location that i`ve never seen any shots from. Thats a privelige. The crystal clear reflection, the boat floating silently on the calm lake, the surrounding peaks. It was just a perfect moment.

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Last Paddler by PaulZizkaPhoto

Extending the Canadian paddling season in style – under the aurora. An absolutely perfect night in the mountains: a touch of moonlight, the mountains dressed up in white, “warm” temperatures and the northern lights dancing above!

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Burning by stefanforster

This photograph I took at the one night I’ll always remember in August 2015 at the westcoast of Greenland. The sky was burning around me and my group of 10 workshop-customers. That was the perfect moment for me as a photographer and a guide and everyone was happy for the rest of the journey.
My first movie:

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