Redback Spider by intrepidphotos

Up close with an Australian icon. The Redback Spider (Latrodectus hasselti), feared by early settlers, was historically responsible for 12 deaths . An antivenom has been available since 1956, and there have been no deaths directly due to redback bites since its introduction. The female spider, as seen in this shot, is much larger then its male counterpart and has the distinctive red stripe on its abdomen. The female ‘digests’ the male during a successful mating process, which seems to be unique to Latrodectus hasselti. Females reach around 1 cm in size while males are 3-4 mm when mature. Shot was taken with a 100mm macro lens. NSW, Australia
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Ride the bolt by everlookphotography

Henley Beach
South Australia

I haven’t really been uploading local shots lately simply because I haven’t been getting out anywhere near as much as I would like. And when I do, the headspace is half thinking on what I need to do at work after a dawn shoot or getting home early. On this evening, I figured I’d just be tired at work the following day and stayed with the storm for a few hours. this was taken fairly wide so you can imagine that bolt was fairly close and lit up the beach like day. I figured there were still plenty of other people out and about that evening so the lightning might pick someone else to strike ;P

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Kangaroos Time by Andrea_Izzotti

Kangaroos while looking at you at sunset in kangaroo island…They are ready to rule the world 🙂

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