Take a Leap…into 2016! by RoeselienRaimond

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I wish you all a happy, healthy, loving and creative 2016 and look forward to all the beautiful creations 2016 will bring, may all your wishes come through!
And thanks for all the support in 2015, that’s appreciated! 😉

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Fight of the Forest by Pcoskun

his is an image I photographed back in May while making a brief visit to Northern California’s redwood forests. I had stared at this image too many times to count, opened it up and closed it feeling like it wasn’t worth my time. I decided to finally give it one more go and slowly but surely I liked the direction I was headed with it. This was one of the most chaotic scenes I have come across, but for some reason I was so attracted to it. Maybe it was the stunning morning light backlighting the mossy branches and ferns. I had to remove a ton of flare which was one of the main reasons I never decided to go ahead and process this image. I will probably keep working on that to the point where I will never want to look at this again! I wanted this to capture the wildness of the forests in the region with the early golden light of sunrise. The redwoods are one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and I am sure to return again in the near future. I definitely would like to spend some quality time wandering around the towering trees and finding more scenes like this. Anyways, this will probably close out my posts for 2015, so I just want to say once again thank you to all of you for your continued support. I have plenty of plans already for 2016 that I can’t wait to get into. Happy new year!

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Sea princess by tatyana_kiev

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Botswana Sunset by MarselvanOosten

Well, there you go, I’ve done it: the subject is in the middle of the frame. The composition police will not be pleased. Yet I like it as it is. Sure, I could have shot it as a vertical with less dead space on both sides, but then I would have lost the interesting clouds and the sense of space.

Anyway, after months of running tours we’re finally back home, and home means office work. The good news for me is that office work often equates to image processing, so I guess it’s not so bad. I’m currently going through my archives for several reasons, and this image of a meerkat is one of many that I found in my Botswana folder.

If you’ve never been to Botswana, then you absolutely should. It’s wildlife photography heaven. We’re running two tours there in April/May, and due to a cancellation we now have three openings on the 25 April – 4 May trip. I hope you haven’t spent your Christmas bonus yet!

If you’re interested, and of course you are, then please check out our website for more information on this trip:
Squiver Photo Tours & Workshops

Hope to see you there!



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