Coyote Gulch by DustinLeFevre1

It is about a 6 mile hike to get to this point and I recommend doing it as an overnighter. In October the weather was absolutely perfect. There were some deer prints on the river banks, how cool would this shot be with a deer? Oh well, a man can dream.

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Volcanic Ridge by Brandontylerlyons

I took a trip to the Eastern Sierras this past September with Paul and Mich Rojas. We backpacked to Minaret Lake the day before making it up to Volcanic Ridge. Paul points to the top of Volcanic Ridge and says, “we’re going up there tomorrow”. I was initially a little hesitant, as there wasn’t a clear path to the top. Bushwhacking and scrambling with a dull headlamp isn’t recommended. In hindsight, we should’ve just camped at the base. We approached the ridge from the southeast side at 4 in the morning to get to the vantage point that gives an unobstructed view of the Minarets, Mt. Ritter, Banner peak and the surrounding lakes Cecile, Iceberg and Ediza lake (word by Mich Rojas). We scrambled 1700 ft to the top to reach 11,500 ft elevation. I pushed myself to the brink of collapsing to get up here in time to catch the aplenglow. I missed the burning light but was more than pleased to make it just minutes before the mountain was engulfed in warm light. A huge shout out to Paul and Mich Rojas for being great friends and motivating me to get to the top.

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Welcome To Earth by OurEarthInFocus

Fire smoke, Glaciers, airglow, light pollution, volcanoes, and backpacking. 14 photographs stitched together to represent the ~300° field of view from the near summit of North Sister, OR. the city of Bend is visible as light pollution on the far left and Portland on the far right. If you’d like to read a full description as to what you’re seeing, I’ve written one on our website here:

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-Mark Lehrbass

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North Creek Falls by matt-anderson

North creek falls, located on the hike to the “Subway” @ Zion National Park, Utah. A small water cascade flowing over the red sandstone. A grueling hike, but well worth it.

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The wanderer of darkness by ArpanDas

A self portrait with the moon and milkyway, so its basically MMM(Me, moon and milkyway) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

Another image from a trip with with my friend Ramit during last summer near Antignano(Tuscany). The conditions were perfect for night photography. But there was something more crazy. We got the moon and the Milkyway in a single frame (for a very less time: something like 15 minutes) when the moon was setting and near the horizon. I have never seen something like this. We didn’t have any star tracker that night, but my friend had a 50mm with him and I knew it can bring the crazy details as well. So the sky was taken with Canon 6D and 50mm and the foreground with Nikon D810 and Samyang 14mm. It was not easy to blend as the two lenses have different scaling. The sky is a pano of twelve images. The foreground consists of two images, one with and one without the self portrait. I love the overall result

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Jumbo Pass Canada by susanholtphotography

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After a few hours of driving to Invermere, we set off for our next destination along the steep, 4-mile climb to Jumbo Pass. The track rises from the forest below Bastille Mountain’s ramparts before the incredible panorama opens out across Jumbo and Karnak Mountains to one side and the stunning Horseshoe Glacier tumbling from the Cauldron Mountain to the other. The only way I can describe the hike is like constantly climbing up a set of stairs, loaded down with 43 pounds of camping and photography gear. We decided to spend the night here, shooting both sunset and sunrise with stunning fields of wildflowers juxtaposed against the rugged peaks. One of the reasons I had opted to do this trip during summer (rather than fall when most photographers head to The Rockies to capture the larches in full color) was because of the wildflowers in bloom. Best showcase of wildflowers I’ve ever seen! Thank you for looking!!

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The Wizard of Wonderland by ArpanDas

The man standing is not me, its my friend Alessandro.

Again tried to create the atmosphere like Lord of the rings. Taken near Matese Lake in Italy. Single exposure

I should mention the addition of human element to my composition is always inspired from the greatest and one and only Max Rive.

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Us and Them by ArpanDas

*****The stars are from a different exposure ****

This was taken during the last winter. I found this crocodile like wooden structure really interesting I get down into the water bare footed. When I came out of the water I could not feel my legs because it was winter and the water was from melted ice 😛 Anyway I was quite happy with the shot 🙂 Hope you will like it

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