Point me to the stars by guptaarjun

Another shot from my recent trip to Oregon taken at Bandon Beach.

This was taken about 2 hours after high tide and sunset. I found these nice leading lines in the sand caused as a result of the receding tide. The lines, along with the famous Bandon rock inspired the title of the image.

This image is a blend of 2 exposures, one for the foreground and one for the stars. There’s plenty of light that illuminates the rock faces from the various houses on the Bandon Beach Loop Dr.

Please view on black and thank you for your views and comments.

*This is a reupload as I heard there was some outage on 500px last night after I had uploaded the image. Thanks to Thomas for the information.

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It is coming by AbdullaAlmajed

The most beautiful rainbows, clouds, and colors comes after a very stormy day. Our life is similar, you can always create your brightest moments during your darkest days. So always trust God and his will. Be satisfied with everything he does, or makes you do.

هذا من فضل ربي

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“Beach Day” by susanholtphotography

I took a bit of a break this weekend from working on my mountain images and found myself thumbing through some of my beach photos that I shot earlier this year. I remember on this particular morning out at Bandon Beach the sky was lit up with soft pastels all around me, it was beautiful and reminded me of cotton candy. It was a pleasant surprise to see the beach clear of fog and the subtle hues of pinks and purples splashing the sky. This is one of those moments that I could not help myself and just put my camera down for a few minutes to admire the sunrise. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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Lady in Red, Wizard Hat by AttilioRuffo

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Mystery at the Seashore by ErwinBuske

The sunsets over Bandon Beach creating this hauntingly mysterious and sultry view of the seashore and sea stacks vanishing into the distant fog. I took this image at a 2 night stopping of point in Bandon as part of my Family’s recent 10 day 6 state road trip. On this day the beach lingered in dense fog most of the day with high winds along the seashore. There was scarcely a person and few photographers on the beach. I knew it was a long shot, but I thought that just maybe toward sunset that the sun would penetrate the clouds. This barely happened, but the brief light that did come through was just the right amount to create the mood and atmosphere of this image. This is a blend of five images for exposure. Nikon D800 with the primary exposure at 1/6s, 21MM, F13, ISO 200

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Coastal Castle by Pcoskun

A blue morning along the scenic Oregon coast showcasing distant seastacks and crashing waves. The seastack in the back is covered with various birds and I liked how the edges of the two closer seastacks framed the jagged spires in the distance.

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Between Sun and Sea by Pcoskun

During my two week trip. Beautiful sunset or sunrise light was difficult to come by. This was to be expected as is typical with the coast in the Pacific Northwest. However, the only night I spent on beautiful Bandon Beach provided just a little bit of that nice golden light photographers seem to seek. I had wanted to visit this location for years despite it’s popularity, but once you visit it’s easy to see why. Some of the most beautiful seastacks along the Oregon coast that offer up plenty of compositions for photographers. I had a few images in mind from this place, but the tide wasn’t just right for what I had envisioned. I wanted to work with some water motion and took a series of images hoping I could get some interesting patterns for my foreground. I settled on this image from the evening as the sun was setting behind this jagged spire. Thanks for looking!

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