Moraine Lake Sunrise by ryan_kole

I took this several months ago when my Sony a65 decided to go on the fritz… I brought out my Sony Nex5 and made the most of my day.

This was taken at about 5am one chilly morning a few months ago.

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Sacred Silence by ryan_kole

A little while ago… I received a comment on my image entitle “Skip Life Away II”…

The person referred to Moraine Lake looking like this as “sacred silence”. I liked the phrasing of that so much that I’m now calling it Sacred Silence haha.

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Mountain Serenity – Black and White by ryan_kole

It dawned on me yesterday that since March, between both my Sony a77’s and my Sony a65… I have taken over 20,000 images.

To celebrate this accomplishment, I figured this upload should be of my second favourite place… Moraine Lake as yesterdays was of my favourite place on Earth… Kinney Lake.

It took some digging through my memory card of this day but I finally found a black and white Moraine that I am very pleased with.

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Skip Life Away II by ryan_kole

I’m limited to what I left on my work computer…

I love Moraine Lake. Having spent so much time there this year… It makes me sad that’s its going to be closed off soon for the year…

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Skip Life Away by ryan_kole

I took this a few weeks ago… When I couldn’t hike what I wanted to, my friend and I hoped in the car and headed to Moraine Lake. A few weeks ago, I posted what the lake look like before skipping stones in the lake. This is actually my favourite image from the day as it reminds me of a song released back in 2004 (or 2005) by Rise Against… Swing Life Away. A song written about a few people they met on tour while in Lake Louise.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Lake Louise road, Moraine Lake is an 11Km detour from Lake Louise itself.

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Sunny Day at Moraine Lake by ryan_kole

Another one of Moraine I took a few weeks ago… I found a new perch on top of the rocks at the main view point. I still prefer my usual “off the beaten path” spots but every now and again it’s nice to play tourist.

To this day, this was the most amazing I have ever seen this lake… As many know, I have spent much time there this year. This is another image that is 100%unedited or processed in any way. It was an unreal day to be visiting.

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Northern Lights at Lake Minnewanka by ryan_kole

Well… Tonight I waived the boycott on Lake Minnewanka after it claimed my camera last time around…

Am I ever glad I did! The lights put on an amazing show. I have never seen anything like it!

This image is 100% unedited. I stared at this earlier tonight… It was absolutely unreal!

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Mountain Serenity by ryan_kole

So I lied yet again haha… Since my hiking plans were thwarted due to bear activity… With a pure blue sky, I ended up driving to Moraine Lake once more.

Folks, out of all the time I have spent there this year… I have NEVER seen it like this before. This was taken before my friend decided to skip stones in the lake, This image is 100% unprocessed and unedited. This is also the second time I opted to hike to the base of the lake… Well worth the effort this time around!

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The End of Season by ryan_kole

It makes me sad to think the other day might be last time time I can visit this place for the year. With Moraine’s road closing in just a few weeks time, I can’t help but feel so fortunate to have spent so much time there this year. I must have gone and visited that lake a good 20 times or so this year… And in all sorts of weather too… and time of day haha.

All around, it is one of my favourite places to visit and I certainly feel quite lucky to have spent so much time there this year!

My Friends Page who I was shooting with all day:

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Peyto Lake – Banff National Park by ryan_kole

Here is one of the first that I took on my Canada Day excursion. I have gone back to Peyto Lake a few times now but never saw a reflection in the water like this. I took this one approximately at 5:15am.

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