SagradaFamilia by BillSherman

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona a master work by the architect Antoni Gaudi, whose architecture is prominent in Barcelona. I saw as much of Gaudi’s work as possible when I was there, and saved the Sagrada Familia for the last stop, and was blown away once I got there. Far exceeded all expectation, truly an incredible, awe inspiring, work. I literally took 1000 images when I was there, and all I can think now is that I cant wait to get back, because there is so much more I want to shoot still!

For someone who likes, lines, angles, colors, abstract essence the Sagrada Familia is a dream! As for the color representation in my image, when I was working on it I toned down some of the color, and someone who went with me said “but it was so much more colorful when we were there”, so I listened and pushed a bit more. šŸ™‚

Happy New Year to everyone!

Hope everybody is doing great!

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Pedraforca by Night by carlos_santero

This is a shot of several different exposures in different times but at the same day at the same location within 2 hours.
The Pedraforca is one of the most striking mountains in the spanish (catalan) Pyrenees.

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