Samtfußrübling by Poecky23

Der Samtfußrübling wachsen meist in Büscheln an totem oder lebendem Holz. Die frostresistenten Pilze wachsen überwiegend im Winter und gelten als essbar .

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Cycle of Life by elmarl65

This digital photograph titled “Cycle of Life” by Elmar Langle features an impression of Westwood Lake with a vibrant forest in the background reflecting on the calm waters of the lake and in the foreground parts of logs and dead trees emerging out of the water.

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Methuselah’s Kin by alexnoriega

2015 Autumn in Olympic Tour with Alex Mody

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California’s White Mountains are home to the oldest trees on earth: the ancient bristlecone pines. The oldest of these is 5,065 years old as of 2015. The title refers to the previous known record holder, the Methuselah tree, which is “only” 4,845 years old (this is not it – its identity and location are kept secret to prevent damage/vandalism). Some of these trees were saplings when the great pyramids were being built!

Conditions looked favorable for thunderstorm/monsoon light on the fourth of July, so I went up here with my girlfriend to meet up with Paul and Mich Rojas. Unfortunately, coming straight from sea level in Los Angeles up to 11,000 feet in a matter of hours, Brittany and I got altitude sickness after a few hours, and had to drive down 7,000 feet in the middle of the night to sleep at the Owens River. Paul and Mich were fine, since they had already been at 11k for days up at Dusy Basin. Oh well, at least we were able to watch the fireworks in Bishop from high above!

This image is comprised of 6-ish frames for depth of field, and one for the sky.

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